Four web portfolios review
The page loads and it gives a nice description of the person. But the grammar and the sentences are not capitalized at the beginning. The photo at the bottom of the page makes me want to click on it to see his art but it doesn’t work. After looking around I finally found where I had to go to get to his work. I went to the portfolio tab. What I found was a pdf to his current work, and tiny images of them. In order to view the items I needed to go to the pdf. Once I got to the pdf it was one long pdf that I had to zoom into to see the pictures. There is a lot of tabs that didn’t really interest me. The portfolio is basic and not a lot of color which keeps it simple and good to the eye.
The first thing I notice is the art going through a slide show. Exactly what you need to have on a web portfolio the artists work, and I don’t have to go searching to realize what this artist is good/known for. The design is basic with a little bit of color to give it some personality. After the small slide show of work there is links to the most recent work. They are big enough to see what they are but not too big that it takes over the whole page. What is also nice is that when you scroll over the image it gives you a small description about it. At the bottom of the page there is three little bulletins: recent, about, and contact. The website is easier to maneuver and works visually.
The logo, about and contact tab are working for this but I don’t understand the three tabs interactive,print, and identity when I click on one and it doesn’t take me anywhere. The size of work is nice but they are not very organized or all the same size, makes it look messy. I click on a icon and I get more photos and info about the project which is helpful but I have to scroll down to see all the pictures there could be another way of showing the images. Even though there is some info on them, there isn’t any design concepts just so and so asked me to do it and I did.
The logo/name should be bigger I want to know who it is and connect their work to their logo/name. This website reminds me of Pinterest because the icons are different sized and they are not all the same size you also can’t really see them unless you scroll over them. That makes you concentrate on one thing at a time and it gives you what is and what it was for. When I clicked on the link for view project I expected to be able to read about the project but nothing just a bigger image from the last page. It has a nice design of the colors nothing too bright and can only look at one picture at a time.


About Robyn Hilliard

My name is Robyn and I am a Junior at Alfred State College. I am currently enrolled in the Digital Media and Animation Program. I first wanted to go to school for Graphic Design, but decided that I would have more chances if I went for Digital Media and Animation. I have the opportunity to do not only 3d animation but 2d animation. I have learned to use Autodesk Maya 2012,Autodesk Mudbox 2012, Adobe Creative Suites, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro. I enjoy learning new things and applying what I know to projects.
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