From November 8-21, 2012 was the presentation of the making of Bridges, in the Llewellyn Gallery. I didn’t get to the opening reception, but was able to check out the music video that DMA students were able to create. This is not only good for the students but good for our college. The students that were able to work on this, most likely had a lot of ups and downs. But overall I bet they felt good about it. It’s good for our college to get the word out that Alfred State means business. The combination of video and 2d animation really showed the meaning of this song. What really caught my eye was that not only did the music video really seem to fit the music, but how easy was to follow. Even if you didn’t listen to the song you could figure out exactly what they were trying to get across. Overall, this really shows the other half of our major. It represents the fact that we aren’t just 3d modelers we are also production artists and 2d artists. It shows that even if you are not very talented at the 3d stuff, that you have a chance to become good at other things.


About Robyn Hilliard

My name is Robyn and I am a Junior at Alfred State College. I am currently enrolled in the Digital Media and Animation Program. I first wanted to go to school for Graphic Design, but decided that I would have more chances if I went for Digital Media and Animation. I have the opportunity to do not only 3d animation but 2d animation. I have learned to use Autodesk Maya 2012,Autodesk Mudbox 2012, Adobe Creative Suites, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro. I enjoy learning new things and applying what I know to projects.
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