Demo reel for motion graphics

Demo reel for motion graphics. This video shows the highlights of the motion graphics class in spring 2012. The projects shown here: The big bang theory typography, Animated Logo, Animated still, Encyclopedia of Britannic word described, the countdown. This demo reel I enjoyed making because I get to show off my hard work from the year.

demo reel from Robyn Hilliard on Vimeo.


About Robyn Hilliard

My name is Robyn and I am a Junior at Alfred State College. I am currently enrolled in the Digital Media and Animation Program. I first wanted to go to school for Graphic Design, but decided that I would have more chances if I went for Digital Media and Animation. I have the opportunity to do not only 3d animation but 2d animation. I have learned to use Autodesk Maya 2012,Autodesk Mudbox 2012, Adobe Creative Suites, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro. I enjoy learning new things and applying what I know to projects.
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